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Beyond the Fairy Tales

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Author: Dr. Priyanka Roy, Language: English, Category: Short Story, ISBN: 978-8195139200, Price: Rs.99/-

‘Beyond the Fairy Tales’ is a collection of eight short stories written by Dr.(Mrs) Priyanka Roy. This is her second book after ‘Little bit sweet little bit sour’, which is a collection of poetry and was published in 2020. With a belief in the healing touch of her ink, Dr. Roy has written these eight short stories, where each of the stories is, at some part or the other relatable to the lives of common people. She wishes and believes that her stories shall help the readers in magnifying their positive outlook toward life.

Dr.(Mrs) Priyanka Roy is an obstetrician and gynaecologist presently working as a consultant gynaecologist at Swargadew Siukapha multispeciality hospital, Sibsagar, Assam (India). The book is also available on Kindle.

Asomor Koch Rajbanshi : Sangram, Patabhumi aaru Bhabishyat 

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Author: Arup Jyoti Das, Language: Assamese, Category: Society & Politics, ISBN: 9788195139231, Hardcover, Pages: 160, Price: Rs.299/-

The Koch-Rajbanshi people of Assam have been engaged in movements for social justice since the 60s, which included both the demand for Scheduled Tribe Status and the demand for a homeland. The community who once considered themselves an integral part of the larger Assamese society started seeking a separate identity of their own in Assam in the 90s. “Asomor Koch Rajbanshi: Sangram, Patabhumi aaru Bhabishyat” elaborately discusses various aspects of their social movement, aspiration for self-determination, act of resistance toward powerful tribes, and nationality, as well as have tried to map a future course.




সংযুক্ত সৈন্যবাহিনীৰ সৰ্বাধিনায়ক চিলাৰায়

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SANGYUKTA SAINYA BAHINIR SARVADHINAYAK CHILARAI ARU TENWOR SAMAICHOWA is a work the legendary 16th century hero Chilarai of many a battle, Yuaraj Suladvaj, most popularly known as Chilarai (the Kite King), the legendary Koch Generalissimo, who held the position of the Commander in Chief and the Dewan (Prime Minister) of Maharaj Naranarayana, the emperor of Kamata-Kamrup (1533 – 87). He is one of the greatest warrior heroes and most colourful personalities of all time. In the course of a single military expedition (1562 – 64), he conquered all the kingdoms of the Eastern Region of India, without facing a single defeat.

Theatre on Wheels – A brief history of mobile theatre in Assam

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Author: Dr. Jayanta Kumar Sarma & Kishor Kumar Kalita, Language: English, Category: Theatre & Culture ISBN: 978-8193429662, Price: 600/-

The traveling theatres industry, called mobile theatre, is a one-of-its-kind institution, without any parallel in India, and even in the world. Hundreds of people – artists, technicians, support staff – travel from one corner of the state to the other corner (sometimes even outside the state) staging full-scale dramas on makeshift huge theatre halls, that can house hundreds, erected within days. Once the performance is over, the entourage moves to another place dismantling and carrying with them the tent and the equipment. The mobile theatres have over the years not only entertained the people in the countryside but also generated employment for thousands transforming itself into an industry. This book looks at the phenomenon of mobile theatre from a historical perspective.