সংযুক্ত সৈন্যবাহিনীৰ সৰ্বাধিনায়ক চিলাৰায়

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SANGYUKTA SAINYA BAHINIR SARVADHINAYAK CHILARAI ARU TENWOR SAMAICHOWA is a work the legendary 16th century hero Chilarai of many a battle, Yuaraj Suladvaj, most popularly known as Chilarai (the Kite King), the legendary Koch Generalissimo, who held the position of the Commander in Chief and the Dewan (Prime Minister) of Maharaj Naranarayana, the emperor of Kamata-Kamrup (1533 – 87). He is one of the greatest warrior heroes and most colourful personalities of all time. In the course of a single military expedition (1562 – 64), he conquered all the kingdoms of the Eastern Region of India, without facing a single defeat.