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Generalissimo Chilarai and His Times

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Author: Jyoti Prasad Rajkhowa, Language: English , Category: History & Society , ISBN: 978-8193429648 Price: Rs.499/-

Generalissimo Chilarai and His Times is the first ever book written in English, on the legendary 16th century hero of many a battle, Yuaraj Suladvaj, most popularly known as Chilarai (the Kite King), the legendary Koch Generalissimo, who held the position of the Commander in Chief and the Dewan (Prime Minister) of Maharaj Naranarayana, the emperor of Kamata-Kamrup (1533 – 87). He is one of greatest warrior heroes and most colourful personalities of all times. To buy the book click here

Kamateswar Biswa Singha (কামতেশ্বৰ বিশ্বসিংহ)

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Author: Arup Jyoti Das, Language: Assamese, Category: History & Society , ISBN: 978-8193429624 Price: Rs.499/-

Kamateswar Biswa Singha (কামতেশ্বৰ বিশ্বসিংহ) is the first ever research book on Biswa Singha, the founder of the 16th century Koch kingdom in South Asia. His Kingdom survived for 500 years as Koch Behar along with other small principalities founded by his descendants. The book covers his early life, his rule and contemporary political history of North East India. To buy this book online please click here.

কোচ ৰাজবংশীৰ কামতাপুৰ-সপোন দিঠক নে মাথোঁ ইতিহাস

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Language: Assamese, Category: Society/History, Author: Arup Jyoti Das, ISBN: 9781630417505, Price: Rs.395/-
This book is about the famous trans-border Kamatapur Movement of present North Bengal and Assam which has been creating political disturbance in the region for last three decades. In this book, the writer tries to understand this long struggle of the Koches (also known as Rajbanshis) for social justice and recognition in its historical backdrop. In the context of complex ethnic politics of North East India, this book is an essential read for those wishing to understand some parts of these complexities in a simple way.  To purchase this book from amazon, click here