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Language: Assamese, Category: Society and Politics, Author: Manoranjan Das, ISBN: 9788193429600, Price: Rs. 195/-

The book is a critical analysis of Assamese nationalism, Assam Accord and Population growth and its role in creating social unrest in Assam. Written from a fresh perspective and the author’s many years of experience in Assam as an administrator, the book is an interesting read for all sections of the society.

প্ৰান্তবাসীৰ ঝুলি

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Pranbashi cover image smallPRANTABASHIR JHULI

Language: Assamese, Category: Society & Culture, Author: Nihar Bala Barua, ISBN: 9781635351200, Assamese Translation: Dr. Pratima Neogi, Rs. 250/-

Originally written in the early 20th century this books is a fantastic work on the cultural life of the Koches( Koch Rajbanshi) of western Assam. The work is based on field work and is first of it’s kind. Originally written in Bengali by Nihar Bala Barua of Gauripur estate and translated to Assamese by Dr. Pratima Neogi. A must read for scholars who are interested in Western Assam and the Koches. 

অসমীয়া ছবিৰ হাজাৰটা সমস্যাৰ এটা

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film book image smallAXOMIYA CHABIR HAJARTA XOMOSYAR ETA, Language: Assamese, Category: Film and Culture, Author: Arup Jyoti Das, ISBN: 9781945239199, Price: Rs. 250/-

This book is a collection of Assamese articles on Assamese cinema, as well as Hindi. The book has successfully captured the most important period of Assamese film industry when it was blooming around 2000. The author has critically observed the ups and downs of Assamese cinema and has discussed its various drawbacks with possible solutions. Click here to buy online.

কোচ ৰাজবংশীৰ কামতাপুৰ-সপোন দিঠক নে মাথোঁ ইতিহাস

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Language: Assamese, Category: Society/History, Author: Arup Jyoti Das, ISBN: 9781630417505, Price: Rs.395/-
This book is about the famous trans-border Kamatapur Movement of present North Bengal and Assam which has been creating political disturbance in the region for last three decades. In this book, the writer tries to understand this long struggle of the Koches (also known as Rajbanshis) for social justice and recognition in its historical backdrop. In the context of complex ethnic politics of North East India, this book is an essential read for those wishing to understand some parts of these complexities in a simple way.  To purchase this book from amazon, click here